Bernie’s Better Beginner’s Guide to Photography

With photography being a very hands-on craft, no photographer would ever exclude the advice that gaining confidence in your work and technique requires endless practice like anything else. Photograph is more than point-and-shoot and unless you shed away the guilt that everyone gets for being indoors on a beautiful day and not out shooting, you’ll come to learn that there’s much one can learn by staying inside and read up on the basics of what you need to know to justify being out with the camera.

Reading is among my other main interest aside from photography so when I began getting more serious about it, it became natural to start looking for stuff that would get me to understand what then seemed like confusing concepts. Who would have known that large a large aperture is represented by a small number?

Photography books are expensive so don’t feel you have to go Amazon crazy and purchase all the big name ones without verifying first you can get what you’re looking for online for free. But even then it’s overwhelming finding too much information online so if you’re just starting to get into photography or if you just want to reinforce what you might already know, I can’t recommend enough reading Bernie’s Beginner’s Guide to Photography. He had me at the beginning with this statement and I’m sure he will have you too -

I like to define a geek as someone who cares enough about something that they want to get good at it for their own sake, not to impress others or earn more (though being a geek helps you with those two goals too.)