Big Ben

London is a treasure chest of things to do and the only regret I have about visiting this vibrant city is not having enough time to explore it. From the Gare du Nord Station in Paris, we took the Eurostar train to London and toured the city on the hop-on, hop-off city buses. It’s my highest recommendation as a mean to get around if you’re pressed for time in seeing a sprinkle of everything.

For this photograph, I remember the crowds I had to manipulate myself around to get the angle, I remember how hot it was, I remember feeling the energy of the structure and having to crane my neck to fully frame the shot I wanted and I certainly remember Vanessa hustling me to hurry up because I was taking countless shots of the same landmark.

With the exception of family, London was the only city we chose in not going overboard with purchasing souvenirs because as attracting as they were, everything in London is expensive once you start crunching the numbers to US currency.