Birdie Love

Photographically I was bored at the zoo. At lot of the animals I was interested in shooting were hibernating in the their makeshift wilderness and all I could go by with what I should be seeing was with an illustration of the animal by their exhibit.

Rather than exhaust myself walking the entire zoo trying to search for that “perfect shot”, I limited my options of all the animals I could potentially see to the ones that were visible, steady and under some great ambient light. Unlike the Hornbill, I failed to take down the name of these 2 love birds but they captivated me enough that it didn’t matter.

I think that to make zoo photographs stand out from the rest, it’s important to isolate an animal as much as you can and not try to encompass an entire scene. Look around and notice what everyone else is doing and your best best is to do the opposite. I shoot exclusively in Aperture Priority because as you can see, it’s an aspect of a photo that I love to have control over.