Brandon Staton, Union Square

I became familiar with Brandon through a Youtube video entitled Humans of New York: Behind the Portraits where he’s essentially accompanied by a camera to document how he goes about capturing portraits on the streets around the city. On his website, he says how after losing his trade job in Chicago, his mom wasn’t too happy about that decision he had made to move to New York and begin taking portraits of strangers on the street. Since then he’s taken nearly 5,000 portraits and written 50 stories and he’s gain a lot of popularity for his work.

By struck of luck, I came across him while photographing around in Union Square. Walking in front of me was a tall guy strapped with Canon camera across his chest along with a pricey L glass which was what initially attracted my attention. From most of the videos I’ve seen of him, he has a penchant for wearing a cap turned backwards which mad me suspect it might be him. Brandon was gracious enough to offer me a little bit of his time for a portrait.