Brooklyn Corner at Dusk

The one remark I have about night photography is that I probably don’t do enough of it. Unless you’re inherently the type to always want to explore other creative ways to work with your camera, not everyone would have the interest to snatch their tripod, stand at the corner of their block and snap away while everyone else drives by trying to make sense of what you’re doing.

Night photography takes more patience. Even when a night scene appears almost black and it seems like you’re attempts are pointless, playing with your settings and continuing to shoot as long as you have an interesting composition will pleasantly surprise you.

Shooting at the lowest ISO possible made for less noise in the dark areas of the photo. I cranked the aperture to f/22 to try to get as much sharpness as you can with a kit lens that for me comes across as too slow in comparison to the primes I’m accustom to using. Of course I also shifted to using Shutter Priority.

Experimenting shooting at night is a great reminder that your window of opportunity to photograph anything doesn’t end when the sun has set.