Brooklyn Streaks

A successful night shoot means planning for the unexpected, but perhaps not bringing everything you own with the exception of a really great tripod and a lens that performs exceptionally well in low light. At the time I didn’t have either but that didn’t stop me from trying.

Normally it’s good to know what you’re going to be shooting but this night I had no specific picture in mind other than the curiosity of wanting to capture something that would resemble those car commercials where drivers speed through downtown streets. Whether I did is up to debate but what I learnt was that I can’t let darkness stop me from shooting when I simply didn’t have time to photograph during the day.

I noticed that even when a night scene may appear to you as too dark, you’ll be surprised how the camera is able to see more than your eye. Photographing at night is all about patience, the repetitiveness of shooting, trying different perspectives and mostly importantly about not thinking that you have to go to the most desolated of places to avoid interruptions which is what I did and regret that night.