Building Top in New York

New York is both a melting pot of cultures and architecture where the new and old blend perfectly together making a great recipe for anyone with a camera. Occasionally on my days off with no clear purpose in mind, I take the train into Manhattan and enjoy walking through the streets with my Nikon to do some people watching, photographing and seeing what comes out random observations.

It’s easy to think you’ve ran out of things to photograph when you’ve been to a place more than once but particularly on the streets of New York, you’ll quickly notice there’s portions of it that you haven’t even considered looking at yet. Simply look up. I’m been to Paris, London, Venice and a couple other European countries and the architecture of any of those renowned cities are spoken about considerably and you’ll always hear visitors talking about how fascinating everything is.

Strangely enough, architecture is not one of the topics at hand when I speak about New York. The majority of the topics of discussion revolve around the variety of food, the people and how expensive everything can be. I only live 7 train stops away from Manhattan and on my next visit, I’ll pay extra attention to what’s above me and not just what’s in front. I’m almost 100% sure only people with a camera in hand would have the propensity to see what others may not.