Candid Chinatown Street

In case you were wondering, I’m not in China. I mention this casual piece of information because I’ve received 3 emails from readers inquiring whether I was since I’ve been habitually sharing photographs on Flickr that may indicate that I am. I do have aspirations of visiting one day and it would probably be an adventure I would undertake either on my own or with a close friend since my wife has expressed lack of interest for traveling to a country that requires you to fly anything more than 8hrs to get there.

I’m not sure if it’s the same for other photographers but I’ve noticed despite how much I crave for uncovering new territories to photograph, I consistently end up visiting places that I’ve explored exhaustively already and yet I have no qualms about being there again.

For me it goes back and forth between Chinatown and Bushwick and the one close relation I’ve identified between the both is that I quickly developed an affinity for a place that’s overflowing with local distinctions such as the people, the food and the ability to observe their normal progression of everyday life.

I enjoy photography places as much as I do things but put me in a setting which just has both those 2 elements and I think I would get bored because I feel I learn more about myself and what I do with the camera and I’m around people. Human interaction is an impressive thing and I thrive whenever I have the chance to meet people and cultures I’ve admired from afar.