Capital Building

My wife is Puerto Rican so I like to think that this beautiful island in the Caribbean has become a part of me because our children will undoubtedly have a piece of the culture in them. Through the nature of extensive cruise vacations, I’ve had the opportunity to visit twice and every visit has developed a more solid admiration for the beaches, rivers, forest, city and most importantly the people that comprise it.

When is the best time to visit? It’s actually perfect all year around, even when it’s raining it will never get too hot or too cold but the worst thing you can do is leave without a full blown tan while touring the city. The food is unique and delicious which I can personally vouch because my wife is a fantastic cook with Puerto Rico food being her specialty.

The majority of the population speaks both English and Spanish fluently which eliminates any language barrier although I personally enjoy speaking Spanish while I’m there because I feel it immerses me more into the culture.

We stayed specifically in Old San Juan but my intention on the next visit is to stay for a longer period of time, rent a jeep and drive around other cities on the island armed with my photographic gear and a big appetite. We came across this capital building as underestimated how long of a walk existed between our hotel and Old San Juan but the scenery was well worth it.