Coffee + Apple in Brooklyn

I can’t help think how many of those people furiously clicking away on keyboards and scribbling ideas on napkins might be working to create the next big thing. As you’re standing by the counter about to place your order at the local coffee shop next time, take a peek around and you’re likely see what’s pretty much become the standard in coffee shops in terms of who’s there most of the time.

On my way home, I stopped quickly by Barcey’s Coffee Shop in Bushwick for a warm cup of apple cider that I somehow gulped down faster than I should have because I can still feel the sting on my tongue. As I walked out, I didn’t notice the woman on her MacBook but I did catch on while I was driving away and I would had felt guilty had I not turned back to take this shot that had so easily set itself up on its own.

I asked the woman if she didn’t mind if I photographed her as she worked and the tone in her response was as if she knew beforehand that I was a Apple Fanboy and that these type of sights fascinated me. Her exactly words were, “Absolutely not, go ahead.”