Cole Thompson on Online Prints Sales

I think every photographer dreams about selling more of their art. It’s a natural feeling because aside from the financial gain, it’s a key method of validating one’s work but in all honesty, the process is not as easy as setting up a website and sitting back while orders come in.

It’s really hard work, where your hat as a marketer is just as important as the one you wear as a photographer but what can help a lot is when you’re fortunate to associate yourself with people who are as enthusiastic about the same things you are and support you.

Colorado photographer Cole Thompson has been selling his prints online for years and in 2008 alone, he earned $20,000. In this audio slideshow, he explains how he draws traffic to his site as well as how he has managed to cultivate connections with his customers.

The money statement for me is - “I believe in planting seeds and you don’t really know when those seeds are going to take root but it’s the relationship that’s important.”