Creating Photo Magazines with Poyomi

Poyomi is a new web service that allows you upload or extract your photographs from popular services such as Flickr, Picasa or SmugMug and lay them out in a personal magazine format so that you can have it printed and shipped on-demand.

Last time I attempted something like this was with iPhoto and I found the results to be mediocre for the price. I gave Poyomi a try and it took me about 15 minutes to select 70 of my favorite photographs from Flickr, organized them and place the order.

Poyomi uses Magcloud for order taking and the total of my purchase came to $15 with shipping included. I’m anxious to see the quality of the magazine but you can get an idea of what the final product may look like. If satisfied with the product, I’d be more than happy to potentially compile some of my photo essays into a magazine that would find a home on our coffee table.