Cycling in Brooklyn

Cycling on the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn has always been an uphill battle and added to that pressure this morning was the sling bag strapped across my chest which accompanies me on 95% of my neighborhood outings. Other than almost being ran over by a speeding cyclist when taking this shot, I don’t think there’s much else I can say about the photograph. It was 7am, the air was thick, I was exhausted and all I can look forward to was that refreshing breeze against my warm face on the ride down.

I took a total of 7 shots all from various perspectives but eventually I decided on this one and to better explain the why on the choice, I thought back to something David duChemin said on his last episode of the Within the Frame Podcast: “A snapshot is the one where you just whip by and take whatever comes your way but a photograph that communicates what you think and feel about a scene takes a little more intentionality to create.”