Not All Images are Great

Daniel Milnor on street photography -

My problem is I feel the vast, vast, vast majority of images I see on [street photography] sites are simply not great. This has little to do with the quality of photographer. In many cases I wouldn’t edit, print, upload or post most of the images I see, but this speaks to the reality of how difficult this type of work really is.

I agree with Daniel. The appeal towards most street photography sites I visit are derived primarily in how intelligently they write about their craft rather than me being overly impressed with actual work that’s begin produced with a camera. I’m calling it like I see it.

Among the million street photos we come across, there are a few that do have merit on some level but then there’s those that one struggles to wrap their head around the idea of why someone would classify a desaturated shot of a fire hydrant as “street photography”. Certain photos want and need more and one could make them matter more by asking ourselves this question when we take a photo: “What should anyone bother remembering this shot?”

According to Nick, street photographers should “Edit, edit, edit” their work more and perhaps that will reduce the amount of work that gets lost in the bucket of being called “street photography” and yet doesn’t hold up to its designation.