Lack of inspiration is not an excuse for bad photography or no photography; it is a reason to get up in the morning, grab a camera, and go shake the cobwebs off your mind, your eyes, your spirit.

David duChemin on finding inspiration for your work. The other day I visited Chinatown in Queens which is perhaps one of many vibrant and colorful neighborhoods you’ll find in New York. I walked the congested streets for about 2hrs, took some shots and came home not satisfied with any single one of them. It was a painful process of thinking that I spent the day seeking something photographically meaningful to share and failed at something that suppose to come naturally.

The thing to realize is that if you’re working in a creative medium like photography, there will inevitably be days when the pendulum between creative highs and dry spells will not swing your way. Maybe my time wasn’t a waste. It would have probably been worst if I had no ideas, doing nothing, sitting back and suffering from lack of inspiration. I tried to seek it… it just wasn’t my day but that won’t stop by from planning something else.