Deck Relaxing in Cannes

I can’t recall the last time we deviated from our customary routine of flying down to Miami to board a cruise ship for a vacation. Most people are deterred by the belief that cruise vacations are all about the free food and gambling but the truth is that those are merely some of the many attributes that characterize being on one.

Advertisements for cruises are no longer filled with photographs of casinos and passengers holding alcoholic beverages the way they use to. Cruises are now literally a floating resort with everything you might expect from one that is inland.

With regard to Caribbean cruises, we have an unwritten rule of not booking anything less than 7-days. For Mediterranean cruises, nothing less than 12-days. It’s the perfect amount of time to enjoy anything without feeling rushed and deprived from amenities that have already been paid for and that you should take pleasure in. Nothing gets more carefree than being on a cruise. It’s one convenient package where if all you want to do is lie back and read your Kindle on the deck, then that’s what you do and that’s what I was in the middle of as we sailed away from Cannes.