Distracted Among Culture

To a certain extent, no one can dictate how your time at a museum should be spent and just as I was thinking about this walking through several halls at The Metropolitan Museum, I found a New York Times article that described this same assessment: “At the Louvre, Many Stop to Snap but Few Stay to Focus.”

I could spend as much time roaming a museum as I can lose track of time in a bookstore, cross-referencing information that I’ve inspected briefly elsewhere but ultimately what keeps me in any of these 2 places is the fundamental interest of learning from things that I consider a source of self-improvement.

Culture is as ubiquitous as you would expect it to be in a museum and yet you have to realize that not everyone is going to deem that attraction nearly as appealing as you instantly would. I must have walked around this boy at least 3 times after I shot this photograph and even then, he was completely absorbed in his Gameboy that the only way he could have objected to my presence is if I had snatched the device away from him.

The boy was obviously more interested in having a more contemplative, solitary experience with his gadget than he was with the amazing Tibetan setting he found himself in. To each his own.