DIY Instagram Photography Project

All the credit as far as for the idea of this DIY Instagram project is due entirely to Elizabeth Giorgi, a writer and filmmaker from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I don’t recall entire on how I stumbled across this neat assignment but it certainly gave me the incentive to but together something tangible with a few of my iPhone photography which I share exclusively on Instagram.

DIY Instagram Photos on Canvas

There’s honestly very little need for me to reiterate how I did any of this because Elizabeth put in all the work to elaborate the process which is exactly what I followed. I merely wanted to share the outcome of my attempt which I absolutely love and will definitely do again.

Total cost of this project was $19.57 for the 8 pieces you see:

  • 2 Mini Stretch Canvas from Michaels - $4.99/each (Pack of 4)
  • 1 can of Krylon Spray Adhesive from Michaels - $6.99 (This was the cheapest one)
  • 4 4x6 Prints (matte) from Shutterfly - $2.60

When it comes to mobile photography, who says they only have to live on your phone or on the computer.