Do You Have a Purpose for Your Photoblog?

I don’t think anyone would choose the role of a cook if they didn’t inherently have the slightess enjoyment of being in a bustling environment, working long hours and yet still be able to compose the type of stuff they love serving people.

Initially you may not have an idea what you may want to make out of being a cook but once you’ve reached a certain level of competency and proficiency in the role, the power to choose what to do grows and this pretty much recounts my path with photoblogging.

I started because I loved it without entirely defining a purpose for it other than allowing me to be in a place where I could share what I enjoy doing but they’ll come a point where you’ll have to define your intentions and this is what Scott Webb talks about with photoblogs in general. If you a photoblog, have you placed thought on what are you trying to achieve through it?

Scott writes:

Having a purpose, one that’s clearly defined, will allow viewers to understand what you’re doing. If you’re looking to improve, perhaps you’ll state that you would love constructive criticism and you appreciate when people point things out that you may have missed.

Selling prints on this website is not my priority. It’s more of a bonus. I may not have a mental picture of what else I want this website to become but I welcome any opportunity that enables me to continue doing what I do now but perhaps with a bit more traveling with photography to relate the journey.