Don't Let Aperture or Lightroom Hold 'Em All

The truth is that, unflattering photographs or even the ones you feel strongly about are going to ultimately take up a lot of space on your hard drive. In reading Duncan’s strategy on how he handles the enormous amount photos he takes, I don’t know why I’ve gone storing everything I’ve shot in 2011 on my computer when in reality, I rarely ever reference back on it but if I need to, that’s why I have the 2TB external hard drive for.

If you’re dumping all your photos in one folder, it’s gotta be difficult finding the ones you’re looking for. That’s certainly not how I have everything structured. I have multiple folders by month/year.

What I’ve taken from Duncan’s strategy is that there’s no need to store all your photographs on your computer. Just keep the ones you’re most likely to showcase as a portfolio. Everything else is worth storing away neatly so you can retrieve it for when you might need it.