Dubious Older Gentleman

I may not market myself as a street photographer per say but when you’re not boarding a plane and have no travel plans in sight, the unlimited opportunities street photography offers for learning your gear and developing your eye is second to none. This approach for documenting life has become increasingly popular and deservedly respected as a genre.

Street photography is pretty straightforward in that you all you need is a camera and some good walking sneakers. What they don’t often tell you about is the challenge for being confident enough to photograph anyone and the lack of guarantee that you’ll capture anything you’ll be satisfied with.

The thrill of it comes above all from learning how to observe at what you may have just glance. Maintaining a close evasive strategy and yet still making myself available for questioning in case he did notice me is how this photograph was taken. Haven’t not been able to step outside and go out as comfortably as I use to with the camera, I’ve began taking the D90 with me to work and stepping out on lunch breaks to take a few shots to ease the withdrawal I often get when I haven’t shot anything.

At this point I haven’t even considered investing on a more portable camera because I have this habit of buying and selling them months later. The biggest gift a photographer can ask for is not gear related. I choose time over anything.