Emily with Style

One of the most intoxicating reasons behind my likeness for the glorious warm months of Summer we get in New York is the ability to stroll the streets for as long as your feet and schedule allows you to without placing much worry on anything else. I don’t utilized a pedometer to track my steps nor do I keep a log of the amount of hours I spend exploring locations but this Summer the total of both without question outshines any season.

We’ve sauntered into Fall already and who knows what Winter is going to be like but one thing I assume is that people on the streets might be less likely to be as patient towards a stranger requesting for a portrait. On top of that, who knows how long I could possibly walk under frigid temperatures with a camera in hand seeking for the photographic opportunity. I can’t say I’ll shift from the typical content I shoot in view of outside conditions because that’s like asking smokers to quit since it’s too cold to be standing outside to enjoy something that offers temporary relief. I’ll stick to what I enjoy even if it means exploring it elsewhere.

Different seasons offer different opportunities and so I’m curious as well as enthusiastic about how I can continue challenging myself to explore people and places in the coming months. This is a portrait of Emily; a Bushwick resident who I had no pre-planned pitch for stopping her other than to be candid and acknowledge that I admired her style. The rest is history.