Endless Fog

If you’re as obsessed about taking photos, the chances that you’re going annoy some family members at the risk of obtaining a shot that you simply can’t walk away from is inevitable.

Lord knows my wife puts up with my tendency to take several shots of the same subject but when you have other people in a car and you unexpectedly pull to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, it’s a different story.

The things others may view as a nuisance, you the photographer see as an opportunity and as one, you are well aware you have to take when you see it. We had been riding down this foggy stretch road heading back to our cottage and the scene outside was akin to something you would see in a film and I was anxious to capture it.

Very much like writing, with photography it’s sometimes difficult to materialize what it is that you wanna say until you’ve shot enough in a place that you eventually start noticing a theme. The town we spent our long weekend in at Pennsylvania was very desolated. Long vacant roads like this is what separated one home from the other and what seemed weird to us, was completely normal for the locals who referred to their neighbors as people who lived 3 miles away.

The theme in most of what I shot was that things such as the lake, the forest and even the roads were endless and as prevalent as dirty-water hotdogs at every other corner in New York City.

On another note, this was the first photograph I took using the newly purchased Nikon P7000. After some consideration, I’m selling it because I continued to revert back using either the Nikon D90 or iPhone as my only cameras and so this one now just feels like a third wheel.