Enter Photography Contest

I don’t enter photography contest as much as I’m suggested to but I’m seeing to change that because it’s truly a great assessment in seeing how your photographs stack up against others as well as way of gaining the exposure that comes with winning one. Some are free while others require a fee but I confess it’s the latter that I veer to the most.

What’s wrong with free ones? Absolutely nothing but you must consider that because it’s free, the amount of entries are going to be considerably higher whereas if you pay, there’s the pressure to place extra thought on the caliber of material that’s being submitted as oppose to submitting anything just because there’s a wide open door to do so. I still submit a few photographs to free photography contest but I simply wanted to express my opinion.

It’s not always the case but a perfect illustration of this would be the amount of comments a blog may receive. Are they always insightful, relevant and do they add value to the topic at hand? Absolutely not but then again there’s no velvet rope at the front to contain it unless you’re moderating everything that’s being submitted.

Whether you should have comments enabled on your blog is another topic but I tend to side with the Sun Chronicle’s decision to charge $0.99 for a reader that decides to comment. Unless one has something valuable to contribute, one’s less likely to pay for something’s that’s often abused. Like Marco said, hopefully submissions would “be more civil, more intelligent, and better written.”

I can’t say that I’m overjoyed with every single one of my photographs but the ones that I feel strongly about are the ones I have no reservation paying $20 a piece when submitting to a contest. Whether I win is another question but at least I can stand firmly behind what I think adds substances to a less-likely-to-be saturated environment.