Entire Building

Williamsburg Brooklyn is one of those neighborhoods which conjures up images of people that spend fortunes in living there while looking like they just rolled out of bed and as a frequent visitor, I say that with the most upmost respect. There’s nothing like wandering around with your camera and admiring what’s become the breeding ground for all things hip.

Like most New York City neighborhoods, this one has seen a lot of changes throughout the years. 9 years ago you had a higher chance of coming across a prostitute than you did of finding the type of trendy boutiques, Zagat rated restaurants or endless coffee shops that occupy most blocks today.

Inevitably when you revamped a place, there’s the tendency to charge more in every aspect imaginable, so even though Williamsburg is being publicized as a less expensive and roomier alternative to living in Manhattan, the new high-rise lofts and small European-sized stylish apartments have made it very expensive to live and left native residents and businesses to withdraw.

If you can’t afford paying $2000/month on rent, then unfortunately this isn’t the neighborhood for you. While it may seem like the ideal place to own a business, you have to consider offering something that’s a necessity to people as oppose to an option or else in a couple months you’ll find a sign like this in front of where you’re business use to be.

If you’re an avid bike rider, the summer is the best time to visit the neighborhood.