Epic Portraits by Sam Hurd

Shooting portraits can be both challenging and intimidating, especially for newbies who are more accustom to photographing generic things and not necessarily people who are entrusting you to provide direction as to how you envision the final image to look like.

I’ll admit I’m not too experience with utilizing strobes as far as trying to pull off a dramatic portrait. The majority of portraits I’ve taken have been captured under natural light. Heck, I’ve never even shot inside a studio and because my knowledge in this sector is very limited to say the least, I’m always intrigued with reading and enlightening myself with how other more experienced photographers manipulate light and pull off stunning portraits.

Wedding photographer Sam Hurd has this ongoing series on his site entitled Epic Portraits where he’s photographed celebrities such as George Clooney, Tom Brokaw and Alec Baldwin but the underlying theme among all the work is in how Sam writes about the gear, the goal of the shoot, the vision and the story behind each portrait taken.

I’ve Instapapered every single session he’s written about thus far. One of the many aspects I enjoy about the online photographic community is the willingness for many pros to share information that one would assume they would be against disclosing.

I haven’t amassed a body of work as big as any of the photographers I admire and I obviously don’t have as much experience as they do but I’m always open to share the little that I know to those who are as interested in wanting to refine what they currently know about photography.