Equipment Only Gets You So Far

Freelance photojournalist Micah Albert discusses 6 lessons his college photography classes never taught and these are his thoughts on how equipment can only get you so far.

Most working professionals don’t dwell on gear. What’s funny (a lot of times not) is that hobbyist spend more time focusing on gear and talking about it, than becoming a better photographer. The thing is hobbyist have day jobs and having the latest equipment is more of a fun luxury rather than a cost of doing business.

Most professionals are too busy on assignment to keep up on the latest and greatest in the market. Most pro’s can take good photos with pretty much anything. So just a quick word of advice, pro’s hate talking gear with hobbyist, or any one for that matter. Odds are, you know more than they do.

I do have a day job and everything I’ve done has taken place during days off so I guess that would set me as a hobbyist but I’m way pass the stage where I obsess about having the best of any equipment. I sincerely place more thought on what other self-assignments I can give myself. I’ve learned you have to keep yourself fascinated and thinking about how to integrate things that interest you with your photography, especially if you really want to grow as a photographer and evolve from the conventional subjects people expect you to shoot.

Bottom line - focus more on assignments rather than gear because average viewers would be more interested in what you shot rather than what you used to capture it.