Exiting the Pantheon

The perception I once had about travel in general has been redefined. There’s those who do it to cross off countries from their list and there’s those that indulge in it to learn, understand and discover. Within a day of being in Rome, we learned there was more to this city than delicious food and abundance of motorcycles.

As much as we appreciate lounging under the sun waiting for another cocktail to arrive, I much prefer waking up at 6am to explore a city and seek its attraction with a camera. We arrived back a the hotel all sultry and sweaty, too exhausted for anything else but it’s irrelevant because the excitement of those photographs downloaded contained expressions of an experience that wouldn’t have been possible had we not made most of the day. The challenge with a city like Rome is that most of sought-after landmarks like The Pantheon or The Vatican are not close to each other.

Assuming you have enough time, they key to enjoying your stay is to have an idea of the places you want to visit and yet leaving the schedule behind and enjoy the little in between nuances that would make you aware of where you are. Very little happens are great pace and even less happens at time. As croweded as it may have seemed, The Pantheon is more quite than the Vatican, although not near as large and grand but opulent in itself. The architecture is magnificent, the open roof and the drainage system to accommodate rainfall is worthy of modern day engineering.

Having spent nearly 45mins inside this Roman temple and this was the view as we exited onto the square where you would find the Bernini fountain in the center, surrounded by local coffee shops and restaurants.

In the US, there’s a lot of hype about the fantasy of visiting Europe and it’s mostly driven by what we see in films. I don’t recommend it if you’re don’t have an iota of interest for food, culture, long days of walking to visit museums or historic churches. If your aim is to be as enthusiastic about a place like Rome, you might want to check to see if what I mentioned interest you in your own city first.