Father and Son Fishing

Our mornings seemed to always end with a few fish, many casts, a few knots and a lot of excitement. During our stay at Beach Lake in Pennsylvania, my dad and I woke up at 6am, untied from the dock the fairly sized boat we’d been assigned and rowed it anxiously out into the tranquil waters. As expected when nestled in cottages that are surrounded by monstrous trees and a large mass of water, every morning was chilly yet the lake always kept warm which is what created that hazy cinematic look to every photograph you took of it.

With the risk of getting any of my photo equipment wet, I rejected the idea to take any of it with me aside from the iPhone to capture candid moments. Instead I set up the camera for my brother to take a few shots from the dock where he was initially puzzled as to why the lens (Nikon 85mm f/1.8) had no zoom.

I look at this photograph and I realize that regardless of whether we had caught anything or not, unless your doing it competitively or for survival, catching anything is a bonus to the entire fishing experience. I cherish more the time I spent with my dad in that small boat amidst the quietness of nature having random chats about life, drinking coffee, dealing with bloody worms and God willing I look forward to having these type of moments with my soon-to-be born son as well. Thank you to my brother Sergio for having the patience of standing out there in the cold so that he could take this shot which I will forever cherish.