You will always be influenced by something, no matter how much of a rogue photographer you might think you are. Here’s the catch: influence is not a bad thing. It’s something to take into account each time you make a new photograph, and then you massage that influence to fit your own style and voice as a visual storyteller.

Jerod Foster writing on how influence is 1 of 5 assets each photography student needs to have. Have you thought about who your photography influences are?

I must say that I don’t consciously think about other photographers or their work when I’m out shooting, but there certainly has been a few who’ve altered the way I view the craft and approach the process of taking photos. As I think back, he may have nothing to do with photography per say but what very often resonates when I watch Anthony Bourdain traveling the world is that the show is never really about him very much like my photographs are never about me. They’re unquestionably about the places and people he chooses to showcase. It may seem like an uncanny influence of mine but this guy keeps me inspired to always stay curious.