Flickr Groups & Software

It’s become a standard in that if you want to share you photographs with the rest of the world, then you are to publish them on Flickr. It’s a debatable topic but as far as staying involve with the community, I keep up to date with any activity by visiting the actual site and not really utilizing any of the popular desktop clients for the Mac such as 1001, Flickery or Socialite. The reason being because I spend more time convincing myself that I’m content with the experience than using the software.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of them. I think the selling point of any Flickr software is that they make it seamless for you to view and upload your photographs and all of these do that but there’s another equally engaging portion of the service that’s overlooked and rarely ever incorporated to any Flickr client that I would like to see. Unless you’re on the actual Flickr site, you’re oblivious to any of the valuable chatter that takes place in the Flickr Groups you might be a member of.

There is the option to subscribe via RSS to any Flickr Group but that doesn’t work around the hurdle of not being able to respond to the discussions other than to just read them. A good deal of encouraging feedback always generates within the comment section of a photograph and the way I participate when I’m not at the computer is by responding using the on the iPhone.

Other than knowing if someone has Favorite one of my photographs, commented on them or if I’ve been added as a contact, there’s no option for being updated on anything related to Flickr Groups.

What is it that I’m looking for?

It’s simple. I would like an iPhone app or preferably a Flickr client for the Mac where I would not only be able to view and comment on photographs but also one that would list all the Flickr Groups I belong to and have the ability to comment on them.

As I learned from the popular iPhone 4 photograph, a great way to gain exposure on your photos is to submit them to Flickr Groups but the key feature in the Groups are the discussions. You can communicate on your group about your photo posts or whatever you like, replying to each other, commenting on the photos or creating your own topic but it’s difficult when the only way to do that is from the actual Flickr site.

This might seem as an inconsequential request but as an avid participant in Flickr Groups, it’s a feature I would love to see incorporated into anything at this point.