From College to Career: One Photographer's Story

The best stories are typically the ones shaped from personal experience so when it comes to anything related to the photography business, it’s difficult to communicate anything persuasive about it because I don’t have much experience other than what I’ve read, overheard or gone through myself.

But what I do know is that when you’re first starting off, you get this ingrained idea that other photographers are your enemy no matter what. If you both specialized in the same style then you might consider them your competition but as far as I’m concern, I can’t go long shunning people who talk and think about the same things I do.

These are the people I would love to at least have as acquaintances because there’s potential for windows to open. Right now it’s much easier and easier to buy equipment and teach yourself the skills you need to get started but it means nothing if you lack confidence and the desire to want to make something out of this hobby. The journey can appear less lonely when you’ve taken the interest to reach out to people who’ve walked the road that seems intimidating to us

I’m sincerely fascinated with this story by Jessi Blakely describing her journey from a person who knew all she wanted to be was a photographer but the only obstacle she had was her lack of knowledge of the business. I encourage you to read her tale and if you happen to have the same fears she once had, her suggestion for you and I is simple:

My advice for other photographers looking to assist or work in a group studio is to stay active in your photo community, go to seminars and workshops, and follow blogs. Also, look up local photographers/studios, and try and meet for coffee or lunch. Personal connections are so important.