From the Balcony

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of booking a ticket and going out to explore unknown places on their own. There’s an understandable anxiety that comes with the process which is why people either don’t venture out to do it at all or if they do, they prefer to explore new destinations amongst other people who may share the same uneasiness. This is what’s great about cruise vacations. You have the luxury and comfort of visiting more places than anticipated and amongst people who are eager as you to experiencing new things but in a more structured form.

For the past 3 years, my wife and I have been vacationing via cruise lines and aside from the many comforts that comes with it, the one amenity we enjoy equally as the places we visit is in booking a balcony room on every trip. Nothing quite like getting up in the morning and opening the patio door for some fresh air and a terrific view.  Room service is free, so on more that a few occasions we had our breakfast outside. Balcony rooms are bit more expensive but it’s one of those features you’ll have a hard time letting go once you’ve experienced it once. I took this photograph from our balcony as we sailed away from St.Lucia.