Glimmers of Summer

Photographers are interesting people. They’re curious. They’re discoverers. They live in this world of ideas. They have a need to tell stories and have no qualms getting lost in unknown places seeking for opportunities to find one.

Nowadays, I think people don’t trust photographs as much because we’re inundated with so many on a daily basis that it becomes difficult to makes sense of everything which is why writing helps substantiate our stories a bit more. There’s a more lucid description of a photo when there’s a backstory to anything.

In my view, there’s a few things wrong with this photograph and the fire hydrant clearly blocking the woman on the phone is one of them. It bothers me and I’m not a Photoshop wiz where I would even think about removing anything digitally other than just minor enhancing the mood in Lightroom. Not everything we shoot will be perfect but if there’s at least one small detail of our photograph that attracts us enough to share it, then we will. In this case, it’s that last glimmer from the sun as another evening in Brooklyn comes to an end.