Gracious Vendor

Street portraits has become a much written about subject, particularly surrounding that feeling of awkwardness and shyness that comes with not having pointed a camera to anyone yet but just having had the thought in wanting to do it which usually ends up discouraging us. I don’t claim to be an expert but if people are the type of subjects that mainly entice you about the streets, I’ve found it helpful in attending events where people already expect to be photographed.

During the Lunar New Year Parade, Joel was often surprised how effortless I would stop in my tracks and photograph someone and because I often venture out alone, it dawned on me that not everyone is inherently comfortable with that approach. I wasn’t either but it’s a practice that I learned to become comfortable with after long days of constantly replicating the process. I generally always capture the portrait first and then talk afterwards about it to the person. I’ve noticed that asking first will often ruin the spontaneity of the moment which is the key element I strive to preserve and not scare away.