Courts at Sea

I’ve mentioned this in the past and simply to reiterate, I have nothing against HDR. In fact, I respect the technique because when executed correctly, the end result of tone-mapping images has potential to communicate a greater sense of a place more than one single photograph can and despite this, I’ve always avoided embracing it.

Why? Well, because I was afraid I would enjoy it too much to a point where I would completely envelop myself around trying to master the technique which in return it would’ve translated to abandoning the free spirited approach I’ve always had towards photographing. I’m not accustom to hauling a tripod around and being stagnant in one spot making sure my shots were bracketed correctly. A tunnel vision of the HDR process would have eventually set in and given me a false sense of who I am as a photographer.  I realize I’m probably exaggerating a bit.

During travels or random outings, I’m not tormented by the idea of dedicating a few minutes to take some bracketed shots but that would always take a backseat to the photojournalist/street photography approach that excites me the most.

Writing as oppose to just photographing for this site has given me a reason to pause and think about trivial stuff like this. Initially, photography was all about the experience and developing an eye for the mundane but ultimately it’s also become about being able to stay consistent with making photographs that I’m happy with and can be recognized for.

I’m not sure if I would recognized this photographs as baring full blown HDR characteristics but the attempt was made using Nik Software HDR Efex Pro. As for the location, it was 6am in the morning and we were sailing somewhere in the Atlantic onboard a Carnival cruise ship.