Hidden Gem in Rhode Island

In the last year, my wife and I haven’t been able to embark on the habitual oversea travels we’ve been accustom to in the past mostly in part because of our son. This is not to say that you can’t travel anywhere the moment you become a parent but it’s just a decision we took in that we’ll board a plane once again until Evan is at least 2 years old. Until then, this summer we taken the liberty to drive to neighboring states to appreciate and explore the places we take for granted which usually include the regions closest to us.

We have friends who literally never leave New York. I appreciate being home as much as anyone but I’m lucky to have a wife who can only do so much of that and who’s urge to go somewhere is as insatiable as mine. In my eyes, the more things tend to stay the same, the more boring the world becomes and life seems to just pass by you because you don’t bother exploring anything outside your comfort zone. Do we all need to travel? Probably not but wouldn’t we all tend to be more happier, feel more fulfilled if we did? Life is not meant to be boring.

People who don’t travel sometimes have the tendency to feel that they know everything but once you’ve become hooked on the act of traveling, the smarter you become and the more confused you become because you realize how little you actually knew.

For 4 days, we stayed at a quaint cottage in Charlestown, Rhode Island. It was off season so the crowd one would normally expect to encounter in such a peaceful town was nonexistent. We fished, we laid at the beach, we frolicked at the pool, we stayed up late toasting marshmallows, we became an even bigger fan of Super Walmarts but above everything else, we left behind the monotony of life back in New York and migrated to a place that I think everyone should go to once in a while; a place that’s completely foreign to you.