Home Away From Home

I love cruise ships and I blame and thank my wife for the infatuation. We’ve been on a total of 7 and the longest we’ve been on one has been 12 days which we flew out to Barcelona to catch as part of our honeymoon. We generally don’t book anything less than 7-days because the highlight of the adventure for us is docking on as many ports as possible and by booking any less than 7-days, you’re unlikely to see as much in 2 or 3.

We have friends that won’t even examine the thought of boarding a cruise, even more so with the most recent tragedy in Italy but my response to them has always been that the only danger of going on a cruise is that you’ll become addicted after your first experience and it’ll be a matter of days right after you’ve disembarked that you’ll find yourself scanning itineraries, making plans as to where to go next.

Photograph was taken as we reluctantly marched back from a 8hr day of touring Costa Maya, Mexico. In some ports, the cruise ship docks intensely far from land for a good reason and this happen to be one of those instances.