How to be a Travel Photographer

The title of Travel Photographer has to perhaps be one of the most sought out positions in the industry. It seems like a dream job where you’re compensated to jump on quite possibly any form of transportation to shoot and report back on the array of attractive sights you encounter. The profession is an interesting blend of photojournalism, documentary work, adventure, danger, freedom and uncertainly all wrapped in one.

Uncertainly because there’s very few travel photographer jobs that offer a steady income but the potential to make a profession out of it is not impossible. So how can you become a travel photographer? Taylor Xu shares some really helpful tips on how you can get started and one of the most significants ones to me is where he expresses that you don’t have to max out your credit cards to feel that you’re likely to obtain “better photos”.

Take Travel Photographs Where You Live: The best place to start taking travel photographs is at home. You won’t have any travel expenses and you know the area well. Take pictures that tourists coming to your city would want to see. Remember, many of your potential clients will be located right there where you live. Figure out what kind of shots they need for their promotional materials and take them. This will give you material for your portfolio.