How To: Photograph a Stranger by Jimmy Hickey

If I had to recommend one video that would encourage and provide you with valuable tips on how to get over the incredible fear that comes with taking portraits of people on the streets, this is the video to watch. Portland Oregon photographer Jimmy Hickey describes his process which is a lot similar to what I do.

Some photographer prefer the more stealthy candid shots where the subject is completely oblivious of them being photographed which is find because I’ve done that before but there’s an added layer of intimacy that I’ve grown to appreciate more when you take the time to at least catch the name and know a little bit about the person who you just took a frame of.

The money quote for me in the video is:

As a photographer it’s my duty to capture those people and if I don’t take the risk, if I don’t go up and face the potential for rejection, I could miss an opportunity to create a really awesome frame with this person.