Radbox: The Instapaper of Video

At work I don’t have the luxury of slacking off and reading everything published on Twitter or from the 85 RSS feeds I subscribe. At least not as quickly as I would want to. For articles, Instapaper’s success has been due for the ease in which they can be saved to read later but I knew nothing of a straightforward equivalent service that did the same for video.

My addiction for online videos doesn’t go as far as it does for others. The only reason I ever visit Youtube is to research photographic gear that I have an interest in purchasing and that generally becomes a long process for me. To make a long story short, Radbox is the service I’ve been searching for that allows me to save videos to view later. I’m biased toward Youtube videos or Vimeo because they’re mostly supported for the iPhone but Radbox caters to slew of others.