Inside Fort El Morro

Not visiting Fort El Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico is the straightforward equivalence of taking the 11 and a half hour plane ride from New York to Cairo, Egypt and not touring the Pyramids. Walking through the fort is an unreal experience where you’re likely to feel chills looking at the historic artifacts and realizing that 500 years ago, the place withstood several attacks by intruders trying to take over the island.

The structure is very unique, it’s very well preserved. The view of San Juan harbor is fantastic. It’s within walking distance to the great walls near the harbor. The folks from the National Park Service take the time to explain the different parts of the structure and history but if you’d rather visit on your own, there is a shop in the premise for you to purchase souvenirs and booklets with information.

From a photographer’s perspective, the photo opportunities are endless especially if you’re lucky enough to own a fisheye lens.