Inside Secrets of a Photoblog, One Year Later

When I relaunched this site back in July of 2010, I didn’t have an exact aesthetic look for it other than knowing there were going to be 2 non-negotiable elements present regardless of what layout I chose. 1) Photographs would be displayed in a larger than usual format so they can take precedence over anything else. 2) I would leave enough room to incorporate any type of writing that I felt would contribute content-wise as much the photos themselves.

I describe my site as a photoblog because it’s a essentially the primary platform in which I share my work but at one point I felt I was limiting myself when I fell under the impression that all I should be posting is photographs. I enjoy writing as much as a enjoy walking with a camera so I didn’t want to trade one up for the other and the idea of it completely erased when reading Alex Garcia’s thoughts on how he considers the writing in a photoblog to be just as important as the photographs themselves:

The importance‚Ķcan’t be understated. If you are the kind of photographer who doesn’t like to write, gaining traffic will likely be even more of an uphill battle. Headline writing alone will determine whether or not someone will click through to your site. Your writing voice will either engage or turn people off. It’s not just crafting a grammatically correct sentence, but trying to persuade, motivate, and engage using the right selection of concepts, terms and keywords in a short amount of space.

I equate the process of publishing a photograph on this site to writing a full length article without any photos involved because in the end, the content of both will revolve around the same theme which is photography.