Instagram Favorites for April 2012

As far as I can tell, the sole hindrance one could ever have for not continuing to photograph with the iPhone on any given day is by running out of battery life and it’s a setback that’s happen a lot lately. When I’m out on the streets, I would intentionally resist my impulse to check on RSS feeds or catch up on tweets for the single purpose of conserving battery life, so there’s this feeling of being limited to using the device and I don’t like it.

 Instagram favorites for April 2012

To make better of the situation, I had mentioned a while back how I would invest on a Mophie Air Plus to get me more through a day without having the fear that I can only use the iPhone for so much in a day. Between the 4 Star reviews on Amazon and speaking with Apple employees who actually owned the device, there was a cloud of too many mixed reviews to consider buying this particular battery case.

To make a long story short, I came across the PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case which I had read about back when I had no interest to buy one. One of the biggest complaints from Mophie owners was that it added a bulkiness to the iPhone and the PhoneSuit is being praised for the opposite reason. On top of that, it’s supposedly provides you with a 100% battery life recharge and it does it at a much rapid rate than it’s competitor.

At $80, I ordered the white version which I should be receiving sometime this week. Despite the amount of reviews already written about the device, I’ll more than likely end up writing about my experience as well but with a strong emphasis coming from a mobile photographer’s perspective.

As usual, I have this monthly routine of collecting 12 of my favorite Instagram photos from the previous month. In case you noticed the layout of the images seem different, it’s because I decided to go with a different one which I’m more pleased with.

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