Instagram Favorites for January 2012

As addicting as photographing with your iPhone may be, the downside to the habit is seeing how quickly the battery is afflicted with the constant motion of snapping away consistently.

 Instagram favorites for January 2012

To alleviate that a bit, I’ve been researching some battery-packed cases and regardless of how high of a rating any of them may have, the consensus seems to be that the case itself is far from comfortable when holding. Part of the ease in photographing with the iPhone realizing how effortless the process is and the last thing I need is to add any discomfort to the technique I’ve established for myself.

Pat Dryburgh mentioned how he owns the Mophie Air and he seems to be content with it so far. I haven’t decided on any particular case yet but if push comes to shove, I wouldn’t be against to have tucked in my pocket a Mophie Juice Battery Pack

In the mean time, I’m reflecting back on some of my favorite photographs taken using Instagram for the month of January.

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