Instagram Favorites for July 2012

Instagram Meets have become very popular, especially around New York where there’s a minimum of at least 2 taking place either in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I’ve never been to one not because I think they’re lame but primarily because they have the habit of taking place on weekdays rather than weekends which is when I’m mostly available.

 Instagram favorites for July 2012

I wouldn’t necessarily attend with the purpose to familiarize myself with how other people process their Instagram photos but for the same reason anyone interested in a specific field would attend a conference which is the whole socializing aspect.

As much of a sense of community that would could feel exist from using Instagram, hopefully you’re not surprised by the news that there exist an equally big one outside the confines of our mobile phones and that’s the one I’m interested in exploring a bit more.

The first and only photo walk/meet up I’ve ever attended was the MostlyPhoto one which was organized by Lisa Bettany. Since them, I’ve mostly kept to myself as far as venturing around New York to photograph. Before the Summer or the year is over, I’m committing to attending at least one Instagram Meetup. The fun of it is that I don’t know what to expect other than probably seeing the largest concentration of iPhone owners in one place.

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