Instagram Favorites for June 2012

Because I’ve been shooting extensively with the iPhone and sharing everything on Instagram, one of the challenges I continually come across every month when trying to pull out my favorite 12 photos from the previous month is trying to pinpoint what exactly had been shot within that time frame.

 Instagram favorite for June 2012

Instagram service doesn’t necessarily date your photographs in any way that I’m aware of other than just informing you how long ago a photo was uploaded. So I manually search through my Instagram photos via Webstagram to essentially try to recall what I think I shot the previous month. There’s gotta be an easier way. I’ve Googled the heck out of this topic and I can’t seem to find an easier method to determine which body of photos I took for a specific month.

On another note, I’ve received a couple emails from readers inquiring about the Olloclip I’ve been using and if I truly recommend it. The answer to that is a resounding “Yes”! It is $80 despite having seen it on eBay for much cheaper but I question the quality. If you’re still hesitant on this accessory because of the price or for whatever reason, I’ll leave you with this pround quote from one of my favorite humanitarian photographers and authors David duChemin: “Value is not in how inexpensive something is, but how much you get out of what you paid.”

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Update: After searching endlessly for an app that would sort my Instagram photos based on month and date, I came across one that does exactly this. It’s called InstaAlbum which is available for $1.99. Probably not the most polished but it gets the job done.