Instagram Favorites for March 2012

I somehow failed to publish a handful of my favorite photographs taken during the month of February and after seeing how little I shot for that month alone, I felt less bad about neglecting what had become a monthly routine.

 Instagram favorites for March 2012

Lot of buzz surrounding the service lately and I don’t generally write about these things but I know some people have had strong opinions and have even expressed their enormous distaste against Facebook for having purchased Instagram and I can tell you that I’m not one of them. In spite of the acquisition of which we haven’t caught sight of any major changes yet, I still see Instagram as a community of people who value art and photography and as long as pushy ads don’t percolate through our Instagram stream, I’m ok with continuing to use it.

Most of the photos I publish on Facebook pertain to family. Rarely do I ever share the type of photographs I share either on my site or Instagram and I think the reason behind this is because on Instagram, I feel I connect more to people on a artistic level which I haven’t found elsewhere online. In fact, I would go as far to say that a “Like” on one of my Instagram photos prompts me a greater high than a “Like” on Facebook or Flickr.

I’m still actively using Instagram and I’m not abandoning it quite yet although what I have been dumping is people who publish those annoying Tweegrams. I don’t mind reading inspiration quotes every now and then but if that’s what I gotta put up with everyday upon launching the app, I would much rather choose to stuff my face with fortune cookies after having purchased them wholesale.

Very much like Twitter, I don’t subscribe to a great deal of people on Instagram and I personally feel that the lower I keep the number, the higher the value I get from the service because it enable me to pay more close attention to those who I have chosen to follow who in one way or another enrich me creatively.

Find me on the service with my usual handle of jorgeq.