Instagram Favorites for May 2012

I use Instagram as an outlet for my creative vision and to think less of what I shoot simply because the images have been made with a smart phone would be ludicrous of me after seeing how much time I put into going out of my way to document random people or places in settings that are not always around me.

 Instagram Favorites for May 2012

Luckily there’s never a shortage of photo opportunities in New York despite any creative dry spell that may come my way. Within the month of May alone, not only have I photographed more using Instagram but I’ve equally noticed an influx of followers which I’m very appreciated for but I can’t help be curious as to how people are coming across my images.

As far as what I’ve been doing different when posting is simply being more consistent and I’ve also adopted the practice of applying hashtags that denote where and what I may have photographed. Interestingly enough, I find this implementation extremely annoying on Twitter but I see it as being more appropriate on Instagram because by clicking on something like #Bushwick, I can immediately obtain a visual as to what other people around me have captured.

Having the PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case has certainly extended the time I spend photographing and it’s taken away the fixation of needing to conserve battery life. I finished writing the review on this case but I’m not please with the photos I’ve taken so far to accompany the piece.

As usual, you’ll find 12 of my favorite photographs on Instagram. This month I’ll be traveling to Ontario, California for a company workshop and so I’m excited for the aspect of getting on a plane and being in uncharted territory because it sparks my interest even more to shoot and share what I see.

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