Instagram Favorites For November 2011

Far more than text updates about work, travel or anything else, Instagram has created this huge platform for us to share parts of our lives to people by making the straightforward process of framing, shooting and editing fun. For me, the app is a reminder that our lives is a work of art and it’s challenged me to look for beauty and balance in the everyday.

 Instagram Favorites for November 2011

Perhaps not everyone is going to care as much about beautiful composition or lighting as much you would when photographing with the iPhone but I like to think I place as much attention to the the fundamentals of the craft as if I were using a dSLR. My unwritten rule for using Instagram this:  If what I’m taking a photo of is not frame-worthy, then don’t bother photographing it. With that said, I wanted to start this small series where I would gather 12 of my favorite Instagram photos from the previous month and publish them here.

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